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Extra: Book Bloggers’ Visit

Danielle’s blog was among the first book blogs I read on a regular basis. When she informed me of her San Francisco visit with her sister, I couldn’t wait to meet them. I’m glad “Fogust” (foggy August) didn’t diminish their pleasure to sightsee. By the time I met Danielle and Vicki at their wonderful studio rental in the Castro, they had tread through Muir Wood, wine-tasted in Napa Valley, had dim-sum in Financial District, and picked up a few books from City Lights Books.

Mindful that seafood was not their priority and they craved ethnic flavor, I made a reservation for three at Limón Rotisserie, a Peruvian restaurant that specializes in tapas. Over sangria we chatted and had delicious dishes like Lomito saltado, strips of sirloin marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and spices, then stir fried with red onions, parsley and tomatoes; pollo a la brasa, truffle macaroni and cheese, empanadas, and yuca fries.

The evening concluded with a visit to Dog Eared Books—where most new NYRB classics are half off. The sale table also featured works by James Baldwin, Dashiell Hammett, Ernest Hemingway, and many others. That meant more shopping for Danielle, who actually brought a luggage a size bigger than her sister’s. It was a wonderful evening and I felt like I have known them for a good time. We exchanged anecdotes about life in Omaha and San Francisco. Friends, good food and books–what more can you ask for!

20 Responses

  1. I have known Danielle online for many years now, but never seen a photograph before – how lovely to have a face to put to the name!

    • I hope she doesn’t mind me putting up the pictures on here. Even though it’s our first meeting, I felt like I have known her for a long time, through her discussion on books, knitting, and life in general on her blog.

  2. I absolutely love meeting bloggers in real life. It perhaps is the biggest perk of blogging in my opinion. And it always feels like this is your long lost friend. That food is making me pissy about my Simply Asia soup and 100 calorie Klondike bar. Mmmmm.

    • I would like to meet you someday! I probably have to fly over to Florida since I have never been there. So far I have met four bloggers and three of whom are book bloggers. They all seem to be very down-to-earth and–of course–bookish! It was so much fun having dinner with Danielle and Vicki and chatting over books and other stuffs.

  3. Oh how fun 🙂 Meeting fellow bloggers is such a blast. I love having “a friend in every port” and no matter where I go there’s already a friend waiting. I hope I get to meet you in SF some day too!

    • I know where I’ll take you when you visit—Green Apple Books. 🙂 I’m here waiting, looking forward to your visit. When Stephanie and Tony (Stephanie and Tony Investigate) came visit back in 2010, I took them to dinner as well and we browsed a couple bookstores.

  4. I feel like I’ve known Danielle forever too. How wonderful that you both got to meet. Sounds like such a great time!

    • Danielle’s, yours, and a couple blogs that no longer update were the first book blogs I read before I started my own. I feel like I have a connection to these bloggers. I hope you’re planning to come visit San Francisco as well. 🙂

  5. Hi Matt–We had such a great time in San Francisco–meeting you was one of the highlights! It was a little jarring coming back to Omaha last night–so quiet here it was like being in a ghost town! 🙂 I went a little crazy buying books, but they will be nice reminders of our stay there. I most definitely plan on going back–SF is such a unique place. Thanks again for a really great evening!

    • I’m glad that you and Vicki had a blast in San Francisco. I really enjoyed your company over dinner and at the bookstore. I can imagine you’ll have a San Francisco hang-over for a while since everything here is so squeezed together that for you to experience them in a matter of days will made such an impact on you. Do come back—soon—and explore the wine country with more leisure.

  6. I still have such fond memories of when Tony & I visited San Francisco and met you, so I know just how much fun Danielle & her sister must have had!
    Also, it’s hard to believe that in just over a week, Tony and I will be touching down in HK! Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things we should see & do while there (and where to eat!)… we defer to your expertise! 🙂

    • OMG you and Tony are heading to my hometown! Where are you going to stay? Hong Kong is all about food. All kinds of food and cuisines. If this is your first time in Hong Kong, you must:

      1) pay a visit to The Peak, which offers breath-taking view of the city. Go up there at dusk so you can see the city lit up. Don’t bother with dinner but have drinks while you’re up there.

      2) take a ride on the electric tram on Hong Kong Island. Take it all the way to Kennedy Town on the west end of the island so you can see the little remains of old Hong Kong. On the way back from Kennedy Town, go explore Soho up the hill from Central. Lots of great restaurants.

      3) Big Buddha on Lantau. Catch the gondola from Tung Chung subway station.

      4) have a dim sum meal.

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics! Like what Simon said, it is good to be able to put a face to the name. This will help to rectify the picture that is stuck in my mind whenever I think of Danielle as looking like the girl in the postcard on her gravatar! :p Danielle’s blog was also the first book blog I started reading that led me to the rest.

    • I had no idea what Danielle looked like until I met her at her rental in the city. So it was a pleasant surprise. I knew that the picture of the postcard on her blog was not her. 🙂 She pretty much matched my mental image of her: congenial, soft-spoken, modest, and book-savvy. I was lucky to have discovered her blog over 6 years ago before I started my own. I’m indebted to her many suggestions.

  8. So lovely to see a picture of Danielle, who is also one of my longest-standing and most loved blog friends! How fantastic that you got to meet her. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I’m so glad.

    • I didn’t realize Danielle had never posted a picture of herself on her blog, so I’m glad she doesn’t mind her pictorial debut on my blog. 🙂 I had a great time meeting Danielle and her sister Vicki. We had a delicious dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, where we chatted for almost 3 hours over tapas. I have now met three book bloggers and they are all wonderful people. I can’t wait to meet more of you guys.

  9. I like meeting bloggers in real life because it’s like picking up where you left off with an old friend. There’s a comfort level there even if you’ve never met in person. Sounds like you all had a blast!

    (btw, I sent you an email. I’m hopeful it won’t go to spam. :))

    • You really nailed it: I felt so much at ease meeting Danielle even though it was our first meeting. I had only got to know her through her writing and her thoughts of books, but there was a comfort level that was inexplicably pleasant. I would certainly like to meet more book bloggers. Speaking of which, aren’t you in the SF Bay Area?

      • I am! I live in Santa Rosa. Next time I’m heading down to the city, I’ll send you an email. Would love to talk books. We have similar taste in books, though you wouldn’t know it with what I’ve been reading lately.

  10. Sounds and looks like a lovely time with a fellow blogger!

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