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Summer Reading Poll


It’s summer and many people are taking summer vacation. I usually take my big annual vacation in winter but since I work in an academic institution, the administrative holidays in summer make it possible to sneak away from about a week. Goodreads recently releases a summer reading poll:

1. How many books do you typically bring on vacation?
I bring 3-4 to last me through an one-week vacation. I make sure I have a good read to see me through the flight if I’m going overseas. Next month I’ll be traveling to Europe for two weeks so I’ve already had a good book lined up for the flight. Of course, I can always buy more along the way!

2. What type of books do you read on vacation?
Vacation or not, I usually stick with paperbacks. I’m not ready to make the complete transition to e-books yet—I like to mark my books.

3. How long is your ideal vacation read?
I try to keep it under 400 pages. Wen I’m on vacation I tend to be more outdoor doing things, sightseeing, and hiking. My reading time is inevitably compromised and I need a book with a tight plot that holds my attention.

4. What genres do you read on vacation?
I read about the same thing I read at home: literary fiction, mystery, and history. I’m not a huge fan of fluffy beachy reads but I do prefer book with good plots.

5. Where do you usually read during summer?
Usually by the pool or at the beach. But it looks like I’ll do lots of reading in the garden or on the sidewalk in France.

More Summer Reads

Goodreads has (yet) another summer reading list. This list has something for everyone. Go take a look. I find the books under amateur sleuth and literary bookworm quite appealing.

“Summer Reads”


I saw this on Facebook and at my local independent bookstore! Isn’t this cute? I know publishers always release new rubs and different editions for classics even during summer as kids are advised to peruse them on their own. The fact that I stumbled upon this cartoon poster today is quite serendipitous: I’m currently reading Lord of the Flies, which I didn’t get to read in high school because my English 3 Class (10th grade) read Of Mice and Man and The Sun Also Rises. Then in college when exploring books on my own I decided that a book about a bunch of brats stranded on an island doesn’t really appeal to me. Even more odious is that it sounds like a juvenile version of the reality show Survivors. I’m wrong. I’m enjoying every page of adventure and moral implication. It traces the defect of society back to the defect of human nature.

The Catcher in the Rye might not find favor in everyone but it has remained with me throughout the years. Holden Caulfield is a troubled teenager but his gamut of experiences allow him to be exposed to the world that both fascinates and confuses him. The Sound and the Fury seems too dense of a read for the pool. It has to wait for its turn especially after Swann’s Way. Cat’s Cradle and Fahrenheit 451 are both on my list. I’m familiar with the basic premise of Fahrenheit 451 but not the book-related nature of it. How does book burning affect suppress ideas? On the Road, which is based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across America, is a dilemma. Should I make it a relaxing armchair travel by the pool or save it until I have seen more of the country?