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Simon Says: Gay Men Don’t Get Fat

Simon Doonan is stylish and funny. The Barney window announced his book launch party at the store. How can I miss this after looking at the fabulous window? This book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, a take-off of French Women Don’t Get Fat, is full of Simon’s snarky humor as he imparts his wisdom on how to live a fabulous life. Don’t read this book expecting a guide to losing weight. This is neither a weight loss guide nor a fitness handbook. Instead, read it prepared to laugh out loud at Simon’s sense of humor as he laments the state of the wardrobes and lives of most straight women.

The book is just hilarious. “If you want the skinny on style, then ditch the diluted frogs and follow the gays,” says Doonan, who has no qualms about offending anyone standing in his sashaying way. “We, not the Françoises and Solanges, are the true oracles. We are the chosen people. We, and only we, know how to enhance your tawdry, lackluster lives.” “We” means the gays; the gays are the chosen mavens of style and food. Doonan does offer advice, but this is mingled with his own history, instead of some quick dietary pointers in bullets. He doesn’t linger on dietary suggestions, just enough to note the differences in eating habits between straight and gay men.

I nod my head off at the part how he makes fun of the ever-expanding sizes of men’s clothes in America. The small has just got bigger over the years to accommodate the bodies that fill them. At an all-heterosexual barbecue where the only designer duds to be seen were an ocean of Tommy Bahama, Doonan had to restrain himself from screaming, “Stop it, girls! Just stop it” as the tropically attired “slubberdegullions” (Simon’s own word) emptied calorie-laden bowls of guacamole. (Laugh Out Loud) It’s all fun raillery.

When Stupid Bookstore Patrons Use Google

This article is so funny. The reality is: when patrons don’t know the name of the author, let alone the title, even the mighty search engine of the online bookstore cannot help. I’m not saying browsers at the local bookstores are stupid (because I’m one myself). The truth is: those savvy folks (that means they are readers themselves, but not taking another job) behind information desk actually listen to all the crazy questions and requests and are still able to nail that book about the lady who baked some scones this morning on Today’s Show. A big toast to the indie bookstores. They exist for a very valid reason: to make the lives of readers better. Miss Swan (from MadTV) would be surprised she’s not alone on this one. “Madame, what does the book look like?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will tell you evey-ting. It looks like a book.” “What kind of book?” “It’s blue…”