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Symptoms of a Book Addict

1. Read more than one book a month?
Actually, 6 to 8 books a month.

2. Read more than one book a week?
See (1)

3. Read more than one book a day?
This only happened once or twice. Usually by the pool on vacation.

4. Read more than one book at the same time?
It depends. Only 1 book at a time about 80% of the time. An unusually substantial book, either in scope or in language, shall be complemented by a lighter read.

5. Read more than two or three books at the same time?
Not really. 2 is a full plate.

6. Lose track of the number of books you are reading at the same time?
See (5)

7. Prefer dates with books over dates with strangers?
When I was single, I almost always preferred a book and the couch in the company of my dog than some pointless, quick hook-up or a date with a stranger.

8. Prefer dates with books over dates with friends?
I love my books but would make time for friends.

9. Fall asleep with a book more than once/twice/thrice a week?
I don’t read before bedtime so I never fall asleep with a book. More like an iPod.

10. Actually never fall asleep with a book because who has time to sleep when this book needs finishing?
Oh my, now this is real funny! It happens only when I’m on vacation.

11. Have books on your bedside table?
See (9). I might have a book or two on the night-stand but I almost never read in bed.

12. Have one/two/three bookshelves at home?
I have several, enough to line the whole wall. I also have books in storage. The ideal situation is to have a reading/book room fully lined with bookshelves.

13. Have a library card?
I have two, one from the San Francisco Public Library, one from work at University of California.

14. Read while at the dinner table?
Only when I’m eating alone. In the company at the dining table, I feel obliged to make effort at conversation, also it’s good table manner.

15. Read while a friend is talking to you?
Depends on who it is and what the conversation is about.

16. Read while walking down the street?
No, this is extremely dangerous. It’s like texting while walking down the street or driving without paying attention to the street.

17. Read while riding your bike?
How can anyone be reading on a bike unless it’s a circus stunt?

18. Read while driving?
Another dangerous, could-be-fatal distraction. Including texting and poring at the cellphone.

19. Ever laugh out loud or cry while reading a book?
Yes to both.

20. Ever swear, swear audibly, or yell under your breath while reading a book?
No, but I had thrown a few books at the wall or on the floor.

21. Ever throw the book you’re reading across the room because WHY?
Yes, one one occasion was Nabakov and Rushie Salman on another. Redundance, embellishment, or something nebulous and unclear—something might have retarded the novel. The many sandy and dragging passages disturbed me.

22. Ever miss your subway stop/train stop because you’re reading a book?

23. Ever call in sick to work so that you can finish a book?
I won’t call in sick just to finish book because I simply don’t spend all day reading. I like to read for uninterrupted for a period of time, then hit the gym for a workout, walk the dog, and come back to read more.

24. Ever wear headphones (no music) while reading so no one interrupts you?
I used to wear my headphones to discourage conversation on a plane. Now I use them to shut off the restaurant or library din.

25. Give books instead of advice when a friend comes to you for help?
I do both.

26. Have extreme rules for whenever you loan a book to a friend?
I won’t call them extreme rules, more like a friendly reminder of being considerate and careful with the books.

27. Have trouble walking past a bookstore?
I always browse when time permits. I don’t always make purchases because I need to know the books are up my alley—so I’ll read a few pages or get online to look at what other readers said.

28. Know all of your local booksellers by name?
Oh yes. Books Inc, Aarvark’s, Alley Cat, Badger, Green Apple, Christopher, Bibliohead, City Light Bookstore, Browser Books, Russian Hill Bookstore, Green Arcade,

29. Take your paycheck straight to your local bookstore?
I have a book budget that allows me to buy about two months’ worth of reading every month.

30. Sacrifice all your belongings aside from your books if you ever do end up having to move (probably because of the aforementioned rent thing)?
Maybe I’ll spare also the reading chaise and the lamp.

31. Get a little tyrannical when it comes to book clubs?
Actually because I’m tyrannical about my reading choices I decide not to join any book club.

32. Follow more authors than friends on Twitter?
I don’t follow authors but to anticipate for their works. I try to minimize use social media because it cuts into my reading time.

33. Carry at least one book on your person at all times?
Clutch it like the lady’s handbag. A friend once commented I always wear my backpack in pictures. That’s because I have at least a book and a writing journal when I travel.

34. Ever try to cook meals featured in your favorite books?
Hmmm this is a bit weird.

35. Always read the book before you see the movie?
I might not even watch the movie after I finish the book.

36. Judge people by their taste in books?
No matter how much money they have or what brand names they wear, the taste in books reveal how mannered or cultivated they are. Someone who doesn’t read leaves a lot to be desired.

37. Get jealous of your local bookstore’s cat?
A picture is always better than a thousand words.


One Response

  1. Agree on number 35 🙂 I would never be able to beat you on reading 6 to 8 books in a month! I guess I am not a book addict :)) – lovely pictures..

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