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[599] Almost Like Being in Love – Steve Kluger


” If I have to call every one of them, I’ll find him. Okay, maybe he doesn’t need a psychopathic history professor showing up from the Twilight Zone, and maybe he won’t even like me any more. But he still has my heart—and if he’s not using it, I want it back. Otherwise I’m going to go on loving him for the rest of my life. ” (Ch.6, Travis, 150)

Charming, engrossing, funny, and original (I usually don’t attach so many adjectives to a book), Almost Like Being in Love is a book about first love, true love, and love in general. Craig McKenna is a high-school jock, the future alpha-male. Travis Puckett is the nerd who hitch-hikes 300 miles for a musical album. The nerd has resisted speaking to the jock because he’s afraid (when he does he squeaks). Finally, in 1978, during their senior year, they become fast friends. It isn’t long that they are completely, hopelessly in love with each other. After a very memorable summer in New York, they are off to attend their respective colleges—and slowly drift apart.

Maybe he just wants to catch up on the old days. Maybe he’s in a jam and he needs my help. Maybe I’m full of shit and know it. There can only be one reason he’s tracking me down after twenty years: he wants to find Brigdoon again. But this time for keeps.
I’m in big trouble.

Fast forward twenty years. Travis is a history professor at USC who has no luck in relationship. The neurotic, obsessive-compulsive musical and baseball freak takes love advice from his students by insidiously working questions in their American History test papers. On a very extravagant date Travis has an epiphany that he is still in love with Craig—and he decides to put his whole life on hold, including a $30K research grant, and starts out on a coast-to-coast hunt for the boyfriend.

Being Travis was a full-time job, yet that never kept him from teaching me how to be Craig.

So the book is primarily about Travis and his trip to look for Craig, who is an attorney with activist inclinations and a soft spot for runaway kids. Travis’s biggest obstacle, beside breaking into Craig’s mother’s office to pillage the Rolodex, is that Craig is in a long-term relationship with Clayton. The trip is full of embarrassment on Travis’s behalf, as he blunders his way through the road. The commendable hook of Almost Like Being in Love is the epistolary form, told via school assignments, checklists, emails, menus, journal entries, transcripts, and narratives, which allow the story and the characters to keep up their antics without overwhelming the reader with their constant clever, hilarious dialogue.

I am personally in love with Travis who, despite his quirky and unbelievable action, strikes me as someone who is real. Craig is also a perfect counterpoint with his activism and virtue. Throughout the book one can see Travis’s lasting influence on Craig. Even Craig’s relationship with Clayton is well-drawn and touching, making me wonder how this love triangle will turn out. long with all the humor, wit, and clever innuendo, the story is at heart a romance and an ode to first love.

354 pp. Perennial Paper. [Read|Skim|Toss] [Buy|Borrow]

9 Responses

  1. Agreed. This is my favorite LGBT novel of all time, and one of my ten favorite books, period.

  2. I am always on the lookout for epistolary books, and I admire authors who are able to pull off this technique well. I’m adding this book to my TBR list!

  3. I really loved this book. So much so that I bought every other one of his… By far, this remains his best.

  4. Just finished reading it. Loved it — I’m a romantic so really wanted C & T to reunite. I had to wonder why it took them so long. Why they ceased to exchange letters and drifted apart. I wanted Clayton out of the picture in a big way! I’m not much of a baseball fan myself, so may very well pass on his other books.

    • I’m a big romantic but before I started I wasn’t sure if I’ll be into a book that’s completely epistolary. I’m glad I went for it—it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. I’m rooted for Travis the whole way!

  5. […] Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger. (9/6-9/8/13) Charming, engrossing, funny, and original (I usually don’t attach so many adjectives to a book), this is a book about first love, true love, and love in general. A gay man drives across the country to find his first love from 20 years ago. It’s just warm and cute. […]

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