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Musing Mondays2

This week’s musing asks:

Other than working at a job, what is your biggest interruption to reading? What takes you away from your book(s)?

Internet in general for me. Book blogging is a catch-22. I want to make the round of the book blogs that give me reading ideas, and to drop a few comments along the way. But I can be so carried away with web surfing that I end up sacrificing my reading time at lunch. Facebook is another distraction, since it’s the best way to keep in touch with friends and family. I try not to check my Facebook during lunch in order to have time to eat and to read. You know that antsy and itchy feeling about checking to see if friends “like” your updates!

I’m a fairly good, concentrated reader when it comes with noise. As long as people keep their voices down in the public, it doesn’t bother me at all. But a personal interruption is not as easy to shove off. I would appreciate if this woman at the coffee shop in the morning would stop trying to convert me to a Paulo Coelho fan. She keeps saying how she checked out all of his books from the library and reads out loud to me passages from By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. Oui. Does she not get it when I said I am more interested in literary fiction?

17 Responses

  1. Next time ask the Coelho lady if she knows where he nicked that title. In answer to this question, I wouldd saw (other than the internet) exercise. Running and swimming take up large portions of time during a day.

    • The Coelho lady is very kind and nice, except she just can’t help evangelizing along the way. Off and on she has invited me to church service, which I have politely declined, but I do recognize her kindred spirit. Her latest gag is Coelho and she can’t stop praising him.

      I need to get an exercise regime started myself. I have been swimming and working with free weights at home, but I need a plan like one from a trainer. That might disrupt my usual reading routine.

  2. Grat answer. Here is mine: MM

  3. I have to make a set time for myself for reading and sometimes I don’t get on the internet. But I love FB for family and friends and visiting blogs…..

    • Now I limit my internet time to 15 minutes at most during lunch and about an hour (trying to keep it under) after work when I get home.

  4. I hear you on the Internet being the main time suck away from reading. In fact, I should be reading now…

    I always mean to get better about balancing time on the ‘Net with time in front of a book, but three years later, and I am still trying to find any sort of balance. I swing hot and cold – avoiding being online in order to read versus spending all free time online and not reading. See? I am in definite need of some balance!

    • I know the gym, hanging out with friends, dog show…all interrupt with my reading time. But at least I enjoy doing all those things and that there is nothing like getting together with friends. Internet is what I really have to be disciplined about. That said, I do make the best out of blog reading since I’m usually enlightened by bloggers with new reading ideas.

  5. Agreed re: reading other’s blogs to get ideas take up time from one’s own. My biggest interruption are my 5 animals (3 dogs and 2 cats). Just getting into the book when someone comes to door and they bark, or want to go out or want to be fed. They’re lucky they are still fat little roly poly animals though my books lie around half read.

    • I’ve got one dog and he’s never been a huge interruption. He sits next to me while I read, keeping my company. At the park I walk him and sometimes we stop and take a break, and I bring out my book to read.

  6. ‘Luckily’ I don’t do facebook etc. any longer. It took up way too much time. The internet is a huge distraction, but sometimes I keep myself from reading…Huh?! Whenever I worry too much or my head is too full of work stuff I cannot concentrate properly on my reading.
    It helps though to run a bath and soak for a little…with a book of course 🙂

    • Facebook keeps me informed on my friends and family so I would be rid of it. I do try not to be too carried with Facebook, knowing I need to make my goal to read 100 books this year!

  7. Yikes! That woman at the coffee shop needs to chill out and give it a rest! It’s one thing to suggest Coelho once or twice, but reading out passages to you? Too far!

    • LOL Yes Steph. But that she is a friendly person makes me pause at telling her straight out that I need to read my book. She seems to get my signal now that she would just broaches the subject lightly and leaves me to my reading.

  8. It seems to me like Paulo Coelho fans will keep recommending him until you’re forced to admit it’s not quite your thing. I read every morning and afternoon on the subway, which is about 80 minutes of concentrated reading, but in a very noisy, crowded place. My favorite books are the ones that make me forget completely that I’m commuting. The worst ones are the ones that make me fall asleep, even on the train! Middle books keep me entertained for about half the time before I start people watching.

  9. That woman at the coffee shop sounds horrible although I’m sure she doesn’t mean to be. I hate when I am engrossed in a book on an airplane and I end up next to a chatty seatmate.

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