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eReader: Amazon Kindle 3G + WiFi

I am drinking the cool-aid. The new Kindle 3G + WiFi comes with pretty much all the features I prefer in an electronic reader.

1. The e-ink provides better contrast in text and images.
2. Unlike LCD screens, Kindle’s screen reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in the living room.
3. Kindle is not back-lit so it doesn’t take a toll on my eyes for extended periods of time.
4. Kindle is lighter than a paperback and thinner than a magazine, making it perfect for travel.
5. A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off. Keep wireless always on and go for up to 10 days without recharging.
6. Kindle comes with Free 3G Wireless: No monthly payments, no annual contracts. On top of that, it has built-in WiFi.
7. Kindle stores up to 3,500 books; books download in 60 seconds; and the best thing is over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books are available.
8. The portable size makes it easy to hold the device in one hand.

All these features plus dictionary and highlight function for USD189. Amazon is bowling down the price of the gadget because it’s been around for a long time. As much as I enjoy the portability of the electronic reader, I’m not giving up on my books because the experience of holding a book in my hands and turning the pages is irreplaceable. The Kindle just makes travel easier because I would no longer need to carry a luggage full of books. The 3G and WiFi also allow me to get on the internet and check e-mails. This Kindle is more than enough to serve my daily needs.

32 Responses

  1. I don’t think you will be sorry Matt. Your Kindle will be perfect when you travel. Mine has been indispensable for me!

  2. You are such a bookworm and Kindle suits you more

    I am still attached to iPad Wi-Fi + 3G as it could be a very handy, and fancy, laptop for work and entertainment when I travel

    BTW, there is also a very cool e-reader Plastic Logic
    Nice A4-size screen and cool outlook but should be very expensive, I guess

    PS you have not officially noticed me the change of your email. So my colour question was sent to your Yahoo! Rick got it and replied me, though.

    • I’ve been thinking about different e-readers. iPad looks good and it’s compatible with Apple platform like iTunes. I’m not, however, sold out on the backlit screen which, after a prolonged period of time, will strain my eyes. If you like to watch movies, iPad would be the choice. I don’t mind Kindle’s being black and white. The Plastic Logic “QueReader” looks very slick and sharp. I wonder how many titles are available?

  3. I still prefer printed books.

  4. Now that Amazon are opening an e-book store in the UK I am so so tempted by this. I almost brought a kindle about 8 months back but it was the price of the e-books when ordering from Amazon.com that put me off.

    Ill see what the e-book store is like when it opens in August though before I make a final decision.

    • Amazon just reported that the sales of e-books have outnumbered that of printed ones. The prices have gone down by a huge slash. Some titles are now available for USD4.99. I’m not ready to part with the printed books, but for long-haul travel I’ll take up my e-reader.

  5. I’ll be investing in an e-reader for travel early next year. Hope you’ll keep us updated on how the kindle works out.

    • I’ll post a review of the new Kindle 3G + WiFi once I’ve received it. One of the best features is the long battery life. I can keep the reader on and read through the entire 14-hour flight to Hong Kong. 🙂

      • Can you access the web with 3G in Hong Kong? The Amazon site says no – 3G is only for downloading books in Hong Kong, and the web must be accessed through wifi.

  6. I have the first generation Kindle, which more than suits my needs (I do not travel much – yet!)

    I tend to use the Kindle as a library for my classics. I have downloaded many free public domain books, but I would also recommend the Complete Works series that are available in the Kindle store. For less than $5 I download the majority of the works from a single author (Dickens – Wilkie Collins – and Leo Tolstoy are but three examples) AND it includes a linked master Table of contents plus a linked TOC for each work. This is worth the cost to me. Anyway..just thought I would pass that along.

    I have a student who has decided to take the plunge with this new generation Kindle. She has eyed mine for two years 🙂


    • Since you reviewed your Kindle last year, I’ve been eying on it as well! At that time I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of an electronic reading device. After the release of the iPad, which I’m not keen on because of the bulky size and the back-lit screen, i have reconsidered the possibility of an e-reader. When Amazon announced the new 3G + WiFi Kindle, I’m sold instantly. I didn’t get an iPhone because I don’t do texting, and I don’t Tweet or update my Facebook status, so there’s not much for me in iPhone. I would like an all-in-one device that allows me to read books and get on the internet. This is perfect! 🙂

  7. Just remember you’ll have to turn it off when you’re on planes during takeoff and landing! Even with wi-fi turned off, it’s still an “electronic device” and you’ll be asked to shut it down… Sad!

  8. Well. I’ll. Be. Damned. I never thought I would see the day when you would hop on board! But congrats, because you won’t regret it. I liken it to my children. Just because I had a second one doesn’t mean I don’t love the first! Same with my reading mediums. I can equally love printed books, the Kindle and my audios. (Plus I’m still pretty tickled at the cute little purple leather cover…a real fashion statement.)

    • Sandy, never says never! 🙂 E-readers would be the ultimate solution to travel because I have been schlepping a stack of 10 to 15 books when I go to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. I always bring extra readings because some of the books are not available at bookstores overseas. I love printed books and I shall never part with them but this device is just more practical for travel.

  9. Do you think it will ever come to a point where you’d give up books entirely and go eReader? I still haven’t bought one of those. Like you, the feel of the book is much better than one of those skinny devices.

  10. I won’t give up on printed books until publishers all switch to electronic books. I very much enjoy turning the pages, marking the margin, writing down notes, and keeping books on the bookcases. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the insights. I’m loving this price war between BN’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle. I’m leaning towards the Kindle, but I might just get whatever’s cheapest by my birthday. It’ll never fully replace actual books for me, though. That is, unless than can figure out a way to incorporate the smell of books.

    • Right on! I love the smell of ink and the texture of the pages. The Kindle has easy download and I’m thinking I can read non-fiction on the Kindle. I tend to buy novels and keep them.

  12. Well, pass that cup of kool-aid to me because I want one too! 😀
    My son has one and loves it. I’m trying to talk him into letting me babysit it while he’s at boot camp!

    • Does the Kindle make your son read more? I’m very excited about my new Kindle and can’t wait to get it in the mail. I love how I can get on the internet with this device wherever there is wifi. 🙂

  13. And it now comes in black as well?!

  14. I have succumbed, and ordered one last night – primarily as you say for travel. 3.500 books will more than see me out too!

    • What finally made me drink the cool-aid is the wi-fi that would let me get on the internet. It’s an all-in-one device for me when I travel.

  15. yes, the plus for travel is huge…and the many , many free books in the public domain are tempting. I can’t say I have not considered it seriously recently.
    But…I still have serious issues, mainly DRM. Do I really want to invest my money “buying” e-books I do not actually own? No, what I often own, with many readers, like the Kindle, is the “rights” to download a file to use on the reader which I also have topay for.

    I thin, in time, this will all play out, but it has not yet.

    • I had struggle with books that I won’t be able to keep as they’re in e format. But I realize I probably won’t fill up the memory with 3,500 books. I’m thinking to use it for non-fiction and “less serious” literature when I travel. 🙂

  16. Yes, I had the struggle too and I LOVE to own my books (only use the library in desperation) BUT I am starting to be realistic. I’m in my late 50s and one day I’ll be wanting to downsize. I’m putting my toes in the water now to see just how I actually feel. I think I will still want my real paper for the majority of my reading – I can’t imagine not – but I guess that until I actually embrace this new format I won’t really know. I might – just might – fall in love with that bit of plastic! (I’m thinking I’ll use it mostly for more obscure classics, including short stories, essays etc.

    • I will insist on getting the hard copies of books that I enjoy reading: classics, literary fiction, and books by my favorite authors. I prefer reading from real paper as well for most cases. But that I won’t re-read non-fiction makes it a perfect e-reader item.

  17. […] Is this meme tailored for me since I seem to have all the answers. I posted about my brand new Kindle 3G + Wifi about three weeks ago. I finally drank the coolaid because this eReader has everything that […]

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