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40 Hong Kong Foods

CNN Go selects 40 Hong Kong foods one can’t live without. It as much fuels my homesickness as whets my appetite.

Yum/Neh 1. Hong Kong-style French toast: fried in butter and served in more butter and syrup, perfect comfort food
Yum/Neh 2. Scrambled egg sandwich: plump, full of eggy flavour and light, not greasy
Yum/Neh 3. Stinky tofu: I never understand this fermented tofu. Keep that away from me.
Yum/Neh 4. Hong Kong style-cheeseburgers: palm-sized, minimalist (ketchup, home-made mayo, half a slice of processed cheese) encased in butter roll
Yum/Neh 5. Sweet tofu soup: smooth and soft tofu doused in a lightly sweet syrup and sprinkled with yellow sugar
Yum/Neh 6. ‘Pineapple’ bun: the ultimate Hong Kong pastry—firm on the outside, soft on the inside and topped by crunchy, sugary pastry; I easily inhale 2
Yum/Neh 7. Chicken feet: deep fried then stewed in a blackbean sauce, the Chinese consider this a delicacy but not me
Yum/Neh 8. Miniature wife cakes: traditional Chinese pastry with a combo of lard and sweet pastes made from various beans and roots
Yum/Neh 9. Ginger milk curd: made by gently simmering sweetened milk and then mixing it with fresh ginger juice, which causes the milk to curdle
Yum/Neh 10. Five-layer roast pork: top layer of crackling skin, then alternating slivers of fat with moist meat, and a final salty-spiced layer at the bottom
Yum/Neh 11. Indonesian satay: skewers sizzle in a very satisfying way on a sizzling plate
Yum/Neh 12. Meat mountain: a mishmash of ground pork, mushrooms, water chestnuts and preserved vegetables, seasoned with simple soy sauce and sesame oil; I have never had this, probably won’t
Yum/Neh 13. Cantonese preserved sausage: mix of slightly-sweet pork fat and meat; sausage is never my cup of tea
Yum/Neh 14. Trendy hot pot
Yum/Neh 15. Beef brisket: huge chunks of it being slowly stewed in giant pots of sauce in noodle shop; another huge favorite among locals that I don’t care about
Yum/Neh 16. Egg tarts: custard egg in either a flaky puff pasty shell or in a sweet shortbread crust; great comfort food
Yum/Neh 17. Yung Kee’s roast goose: even specially pack their goose as carry-on luggage for departing travelers
Yum/Neh 18. Thai food in Kowloon City: small Thai community makes up Kowloon City’s ‘Little Thailand’
Yum/Neh 19. Roast pigeon: braised in soy sauce, rice wine and star anise before being roasted to crispy perfection; I still think pigeon is rat with wings
Yum/Neh 20. Snake soup: brothy mix of snake meat, mushrooms, ginger and pork–it’s chicken soup for Chinese; I might have some if I’m not told what it is
Yum/Neh 21. Lotus seed paste: rich, velvety lotus seed paste that can be stuffed in fluffy white buns
Yum/Neh 22. Typhoon-shelter crab: crab sauteed with plenty of spices; if I’m not allergic I will love this
Yum/Neh 23. Egg noodles: Salty shrimp roe is generously sprinkled all over strips of noodles that have just the right amount of elasticity and egginess
Yum/Neh 24. Milk tea: colonialism in a cup is special blend of black Ceylon tea that is strained through silk stockings and mixed with evaporated milk
Yum/Neh 25. Cantonese barbecued pork: it’s a taste of heaven, Be sure to order ‘half fatty, half skinny’ cha siu for the best cut: moist, not greasy, honeyed yet smoky
Yum/Neh 26. Cha siu baau: barbecued pork stuffed into a bun, I like it if the bun is not too doughy
Yum/Neh 27: Claypot rice: I don’t like the charcoal-cooked crusty rice through which fat from meat toppings drift
Yum/Neh 28. North Point mini egg cakes: mini toasted egg cake that is crackly on the outside and spongy on the inside
Yum/Neh 29. Thai shrimp sashimi: dished up in a bed of ice and garnished with a slice of raw garlic
Yum/Neh 30. Mulberry Mistletoe tea: some dessert herbal tea? Not my cup of tea!
Yum/Neh 31. Block 13 Cow Offal: Fatty, richly marinated beef innards
Yum/Neh 32. Congee
Yum/Neh 33. Bowl pudding: palm-sized puddings steamed in porcelain bowls (buut tsai goh) were widely sold by street hawkers
Yum/Neh 34. Tonkichi’s tonkatsu: Japanese style pork chops deep fried to perfect crunchiness
Yum/Neh 35. B Boy’s grass jelly: huge serving of grass jelly topped with plenty of mixed fruit and condensed milk
Yum/Neh 36. Mango pudding in mango sauce with extra mango
Yum/Neh 37. Sweet and sour pork: No, it isn’t just for gwailos. Sweet and sour pork, called ‘gu lo yuk,’ is also a comfort food craved by Hong Kongers
Yum/Neh 38. Louis’ steak: colonial-influenced institutions serve tender meat on hot griddle plates
Yum/Neh 39. Fishballs: probably the most ubiquitous street food
Yum/Neh 40. Swiss chicken wings: the story goes that a foreigner, bowled over by the wings’ sweet and salty taste, tried to ask the staff for the name of the ‘sweet’ dish

5 Responses

  1. I bought chicken feet once to make soup but they totally creeped me out. they look like tiny human hands…

  2. Mmm… reading this has really made me crave a visit to Hong Kong! I’ve never been, but it sounds like I’ll need to lose 20 pounds before hand so I can put it all back on! 😉

  3. Yum yum yum to so many on the list but especially egg tarts and mango pudding.

  4. Jeff and I were just talking about our visit to Hong Kong. We were there five years ago and would like to go back. I’ll keep this list and your recommendations in my travel file.

  5. You are making me very hungry. Lucky for me I am just now sitting at my desk and eating my lunch!

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