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Reading Spots

Musing Mondays2

Where is your most often used (favorite) reading spot? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite spot just that?

My most consistent reading spot actually is away from home, at the coffee shop where I read for two hours over coffee in the morning. It’s the single most often used reading spot: the corner table bound by window panels on two sides, farthest away from the cafe traffic. I love reading here because it’s well-lighted and quiet in the morning. An old timer of the coffee house used to tell customers who are not regulars that the corner table is reserved for me. Another regular calls me the mayor of Cafe Flore. [grin] I don’t mind people sitting there because it’s really not my table. I don’t claim ownership of the table more than any customer does. It’s just a matter of preference and habit (obsessive compulsive disorder). It’s the perfect one stop for coffee, meeting with friends, and kicking off the day. My other favorite spots would be a beach chair by the pool and a hammock on the beach—when I’m on vacation.

14 Responses

  1. I loved this post and imagining you at your favorite reading spot. Do you live in a city? I probably should know this, shouldn’t I?

    My favorite reading spot is a couch in my living room and if I’m not reading there, I’m thinking deeply about something profound.

    I like to read next to bodies of water. But since the bugs are horrendous where I live I won’t be doing that for a while, though I do have a pool I can sit by. I find reading next to water, any body of water, soothing.

  2. I love that you start your day with your reading ritual at your favorite coffee shop.

  3. I am so jealous of your reading spot! I mostly read at home and I have never been able to find a good spot outside. I’ll read in one place for a month or so and then I’ll move around.

  4. Looks like a nice coffee shop! I’m going to post a photo of my favorite spot, along with a link to your post. Love this idea!

  5. I like reading at my old armchair at home when I am alone.

  6. I’m a nighttime reader, or at least afternoon. One of my favourite spots is a friend’s backyard along a river.

  7. I have two reading chairs, one more slightly favored than the other. My preferred reading spot is in a quiet upstairs room, a kind of library lined with book shelves and a table which supports a very good reading light that’s adjustable. It’s just the kind of place that’s perfect for tucking into a good book, and reference works are nearby, as well. The downstairs chair sits in front of my stereo. I find music somewhat distracting, I’m always stopping to listen, so I don’t use this one as much. I wanted good environments for reading earlier in my life, and now at last I have them!

  8. I like the photo… aren’t you tempted to stay there for hours? 🙂
    My favorite spot used to be a large window sill in my college dorm room. I felt just like Jane Eyre. Then I left college, so now it’s this tiny coffee shop with overstuffed chairs.
    I’d like to try reading at the beach but it’s so far from home for me!

  9. that looks like a lovely spot.

    I think that the best place to read is wherever you happen to be when you have a bit of time and a book.

  10. You look so cosy at your favorite table! It looks like a lovely reading spot.

  11. I wish I could start my day just like you. Instead I’m rushing around trying to get to work on time – I’m just not a morning person 🙂

    Great picture, Matt.

  12. I am so jealous! It looks like the perfect place to read.

  13. Love it.
    I too, have a favorite spot — in a coffee shop.
    I have been a regular there since….. well for over a decade. Only, I go there AFTER work [I am not a morning person!]

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