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Reading and Multitasking

Musing Mondays2

Do you – or are you even able – to do other things while you read? Do you knit, hold a conversation, keep an eye on the TV? Anything?

It depends. I prefer to read in a quiet environment, free of noise, distraction, and interruptions. That is why I rather wake up two hours earlier than necessary to read. Another advantage to read in the morning is that clear-mindedness after a night’s sleep is conducive to concentration. If I am obliged to a conversation, I might compromise on the speed of reading. I sometimes find myself engaging in sharing my thoughts on reading with my friends over coffee. I never watch television while I’m reading. If I am subjected to an environment in which the television is on, I just blot it out. Music, usually classical and songs of which the lyrics are known to me, sometimes keeps my company while I’m perusing a book. I almost always prefer music from my iPod than the din and people’s conversation at the coffee shop. One bizarre thing that I do when I’m reading is lifting dumbbells.

17 Responses

  1. For me, music is the only acceptable thing while reading. And of course, I’d rather it be classical music or some Phillip Glass or Dario Marianeli or something, rather than what I would otherwise listen to.

    Fantastic blog, btw. Can’t believe I just found it, especially since I’ve seen The Comfort of Strangers like 2 days ago and LOVED it, and now I see you’ve reviewed it. You’re so getting a new follower.

  2. I love quiet period, but especially need it while reading (hate being interrupted when I’m into something good). I agree, getting up early is worth it for a good book.

  3. I wish I can get up and read for an uninterrupted period in the morning! Maybe I should join you at Cafe Flore and make that a resolution. I can read with music on, but it must not be anything that distracts me. No hiphop for me. Disco would not be good because I would be tempted to groove along!

  4. For me, it depends on the book. I can read dystopian fiction anywhere. For everything else though, I prefer silence or nature sounds, likes birds chirping in my backyard.

    Once in awhile I will read while doing other things but not too often.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I also get up early to read, usually 1 hour earlier than that I need to. It’s my daily routine. Music is not necessary for me, and I can ignore noises when I’m in a coffee shop.

  6. I have a active toddler so I have had to get used to reading only in short bursts, while listening to noise and being constantly interupted. I go to bed late and read then rather than the morning.

  7. I like silence when I am reading. Since I was a child and used to hide in the closet to read so my siblings wouldn’t bother me. I have three brothers and a sister. So space was unavailable.
    I’ll fall asleep if I have music on, especially classical.
    Good question tho 🙂

  8. I don’t mind having music on, but if I’m reading, I’m not paying any attention to the music. I’ll hear it for about two minutes and then fall into the book and “wake up” an hour later to find the CD’s run out.

  9. “Reading and Dumbells”.. ok got this down on my to-do’s now. This will solve the qualm about reading and exercising… cool!

  10. I like quiet or soft musi when I am reading. Here’s mine.

  11. I can stay up late to read but can’t get up earlier than normal to do so.

  12. sometimes I will have the TV on, or music, while I am reading, but it is so much white noise. that is the extent of my multi-tasking.

  13. I can read just about anywhere. I grew up in a large, loud family, so I got used to reading with lots of noise. Now that I live alone, sometimes I need a little bit of background noise, though not always. I try to always have a book with me because if I get stuck in traffic or at the doctor’s office – or anywhere – I can’t stand it unless I have something to read.

  14. I can usually block out noise in public spaces like coffee shops and the subway but at home I like to read in quiet – I definitely cannot read with the TV on.

  15. I have to read in almost total silence. I sometimes listen to chamber music while reading — string quartets, piano trios and the like — but quite often, I just have to stop and listen to that fascinating passage. So, for the most effective environment, the sounds are banished, the blinds go shut, and the bright reading light comes on. I can read in waiting rooms, restaurants, and airports to help pass the time, but the going is desultory and slow.

  16. lifting dumbells? heheh exercise for the mind and the body in the same time.

    here’s mine.

  17. […] answer hasn’t changed much compared to last year’s. I prefer to read in a quiet environment, free of distraction, and interruptions. The indomitable […]

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