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Communal Bookshelf


Does your house have a communal bookshelf? If not, is your bookshelf centrally located so everyone has access to it?

I do not have a communal bookshelf other than the few books that sit on the coffee table in the living room. Living in a city condo doesn’t afford to show off all my books in the living room. My bookcases are in my bedroom and even though anyone can have access to them, one always asks before proceeding. I doubt my books are of much interest to visitors in the house.

9 Responses

  1. I tend to keep the books I don’t want anyone to see (Shopaholic, Sweet Valley Twins, Mein Kampf) in the bedroom, behind closed doors, and the ones that I think will reflect well on me (Proust, Joyce, Sweet Valley High) out in the open. I think this probably means I am a terribly vain and shallow person. Oh, well. 🙂

  2. We have open shelves within the household (but that’s what happens when you share books for 34 years between just two people.) In respect to visitors, we keep very few books on the ground floor (the public areas), just some dictionaries and reference books, an old set of the Encyclopedia Britannica and cook books. Those do get used sometimes in discussions with friends to settle a question or to discuss food. The usual things. We’re always needing to look up a word.

  3. We have one shelf that has a combination of stuff that belongs to both my husband and I, but the others are MINE. As a matter of fact, that “stuff” shelf is going to go soon. We don’t need my accounting text books any more. Gotta make more room for the good books.

  4. Yes & yes. As my beloved will tell you our house has books everywhere. There are two large bookshelves in the dining room/living room and then we built in a large shelf into the wall in the office/study. All of these official shelves are stacked and stocked with books. Then I am using the large bay window sills in the study and bedroom to stack more of the library. So visitors could see a lot of the collection, but not all of it unless they were nosy. And this doesn’t count what I am currently reading, which is scattered around my desk, one book is on the window sill by the television and then I have a small credenza near the dining room table that has some reads chilling out on it. Put it this way: come to our home and it will be obvious I’m a reader.

  5. My bookshelves are pretty much standing wherever I can fit them – at the moment, most of my books are in my bedroom, but that’s only because I haven’t had a chance yet to reorganize and fill up the new bookshelf downstairs.

  6. Oh no. I’m thinking of downsizing to a condo. Never thought where we’d put our books. Maybe we’ll move only books to the new place.

  7. Hi!
    My shelves are open to anyone who wants to read. Which there aren’t any at the moment. Have a great day!!

    Just Books

  8. in order to do away with some of these piles I am going to build a new bookcase in the bedroom..I think I will follow Connie’s advice and leave the books that speak better of me downstairs for visitors and my less high brow stuff safety tucked away.

  9. I really love having my books all around me. By respect due to my boyfriend, I try not to invade every little available corner with books and to keep them tided in the main bookshelves in the living room. Added to those are the library-borrowed books: a batch we try to protect from the dirty legs the cat get from the garden! Be that as it may, when invited at friend’s home, I enjoy rummaging around their bookshelves!

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