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The Kreativ Blogger Award


My apology to those of you who out of kindness and generosity gave me different blogger awards because I have been absent-minded in acknowledging the awards. Most recently Elena from With Extra Pulp has given A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook the Kreativ Award.

To keep the wheels of karma going, I’m to list seven things I like and seven favorite blogs.

Seven Things Matt Likes:
1. Reading on a balcony in the morning or during sunset
2. Taking a walk with someone special at the beach
3. Trying out new restaurants with ethnic touch
4. Traveling the world
5. Sandy Lam, the Cantopop diva from Hong Kong
6. Hawaii
7. Playing with George the yellow labrador.

Seven Blogs Matt Likes:
1. Kiss A Cloud. Claire always writes thoughtful and gracious posts on books that pair with great pictures.
2. Steph & Tony Investigate. Steph writes very thorough reviews. A book that she likes will immediately manifest on my shopping cart!
3. Savidge Reads. Simon’s blog is a new favorite. How he manages to read and write in such a proliferate manner I have no clue.
4. A Work in Progress. I have followed Danielle’s blog before I started blogging. It’s still a heavy influence on my reading.
5. Boston Bibliophile. Marie must be a long-lost twin or how we can have so similar of reading taste?
6. You’ve Got to Read This. You’ve gotta read Sandy’s blog, which is a mixed bag of posts on movies, audio books, novels, and children books.
7. LakesideMusing. JoAnn also shares common reading interest and she writes thoughtful reviews.

15 Responses

  1. Thank you Matt! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you Matthew that’s really really kind of you! I feel very honoured and am chuffed to bits! I don’t tend to do award posts but I am going to have to now as that was so lovely!

  3. Awwwww!!!! That is so nice of you Matt! I consider it a huge compliment that I am one of your favorite blogs. And I believe in karma, so I will pass this along to others soon. You’re the best!

  4. Thank you so much, Matt! I’m honored to be included with such wonderful blogs…

  5. Thanks so much for this, Matt! It’s really so very kind! Your blog is one that I check every day, and I always look forward to your thoughtful reviews. I’m touched that you feel the same about my site, and feel you’ve put me in some very good company!

  6. Thanks so much, Matt. I am extremely honored and flattered that my reading in any way influences you. It is of course a two way street! 🙂 I admire your reading choices and your thoughtful posts about books and often find myself scribbling down titles, too!

  7. LOL, thank you Matt 🙂 you just made my (very long!) day! I love having you as a reading twin!

  8. Congrats on your award and I liked learning a bit more about you!

  9. Sincere congratulations for the very cute-looking award! I will definitely check out these “magnificent seven”!

  10. Congrats for the award! Your blog surely deserves it!


  11. I visit Lakeside Musing on a regular basis, now I’m going to have to check out the other ones you like. Your list of 7 things was fun to read!

    Congratulations on the award.

  12. Congrats on the award, Matt! 🙂

  13. congrats on the award…and it looks like you picked some great nominees as well.

  14. Congrats on the award, Matt! I totally agree with #1-4 on your list. Love those. Of course my extent of traveling the world is limited (as in I have never left the country) but I will be traveling to India in October for my sister’s wedding so I am SO excited! I will probably start talking about it ad nauseum on my blog soon, lol.

  15. On my blog I write about random things I find interesting. I recently switched the name to do-it-yourself Einstein, and bought the domain name diyeinstein(.)com. I think people are interested in the title.

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