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Gone with the Wind Read-along

gonewindIt’s finally here—the Gone with the Wind read-along. I’m very excited that many of you are reading along with me. Other than that it’s a love and war novel set against Civil War, and that Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for the book, I know absolutely nothing about the story. That I have never seen the film will render my literary experience untainted. Since this is a read-along, not a reading challenge or a required reading for a course, feel free to read ahead, slug behind—just pace your reading. I plan to assume my usual pace, that is, averaging about fifty [50] pages a day. By the end of the first week of March, I should be at p.198, the end of Chapter 9. I would welcome all your thoughts and comment.

My tentative reading plan:
Week 1, March 1-7: end of Chapter 9 [p.198]
Week 2, March 8-14: end of Chapter 25, [p.414]
Week 3, March 15-21: end of Chapter 37, [p.616]
Week 4, March 22-28: end of Chapter 50, [p.827]
Week 5, March 29-April 4: end of Chapter 63, [p.959]

I’ll post my thoughts and comments on the reading from time to time (at least once a week). I would like to make this read-along a virtual book club. Feel free to drop your comments on the Gone with the Wind posts, or you can link to yours. Happy reading everyone! Will you be reading anything else during the read-along?

55 Responses

  1. Can I tell you how excited I am? What I’m most excited about is getting a college professor’s views and opinions on this novel. If you wanted to make voluntary assignments along the way, I would not be adverse… 😉 With Lezlie from Books and Border Collies posting about her literature class, I’m longing for my college and grad school days.

    I hope to read other things while reading GWTW, but if I get caught up in Scarlett, I get caught up in it. 🙂 I’ll try to post my comments weekly as well. It can be like a mini-weekly meme that way. What do you think?

  2. I’ll definitely be doing some other reading on the side. I’ve seen the film but over ten years ago and don’t remember much of it except visuals and specific scenes, nothing of the story, so this is pretty exciting. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  3. Your pace may be difficult to maintain. I brought it along as my only read for a weekend vacation once and discovered that the book is impossible to put down. Seriously. For all my initial doubts and even though the ending totally bothered me, it’s pretty amazing how into it I got. That’s not saying much for the quality of the book, but it’s thoroughly readable and enjoyable. I hope you and all others reading enjoy it too.

  4. I started a week ago. I will keep reading because a lot of things will get in the way soon and I will fall behind.

    I am looking forward to reading with the group.

    • I first saw Gone With the Wind in 1939 when it showed in Atlanta on Peach Tree Street. Across the street from the movies is a museum dedicated to Margaret Mitchell the author of the book. The origional is in her hand writing.

  5. I did start reading GWTW a few days ago, just to have a little head start. I’m pretty excited about it, particularly in getting your input, which always adds dimension. My opinions will be tainted by the movie, which I’ve seen dozens of times throughout my life (one of my favorites!). So far, I am amazed at how close the movie stays to the book. I will post reguarly, and link up with you. As to whether I’ll read anything else…maybe an audio. But I think this will be all I can handle in the hard book category!

  6. What a great choice! I’ll be anxious to hear what you think of GWTW. I have read it many times, and think the most amazing aspect of the book is that neither of the main characters are all that likeable, yet the author is able to keep the reader intrigued throughout. As the author of a Civil War novel (Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia), I have always been amazed by Mitchell’s talent.

  7. I’ve never read the book, or seen the film so it would be great to be able to read this with other people. I’ve only just seen this read-along, so it might take me a few days to find a copy. I’ll try to catch up with you all though. I look forward to comparing notes!

  8. Yeah, This sounds like fun and I am so going to enjoy re-reading this novel!! I will be reading other books along with this one. I think 50 pages/day is very doable!

  9. Quite possibly one of my favorite books ever (second only to McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove). I’d love to re-read it!

  10. I definitely want to do this. I just have to find a copy. This month I’ve been in Atlanta ten years…seems like the best way to celebrate such an event!

  11. Oh, wow your reading plan is very spaced out! For some reason, I had this idea that it would be like Nanowrimo – sort of crazy, with no set schedule, and everyone scrambling to finish before the end of the month.

    I’ll definitely be reading other books alongside this, but it’ll mostly be re-reads and nonfiction.

  12. I have my copy out and plan to start reading it tonight! I will have other books I’ll be reading too–I usually have more than one book going at a time anyway.

  13. Have fun reading! I’ve this book in my pile but I’ve to pass this read-along since my reading is so way behind! 😉

  14. Speaking as a GRITS (Girl Raised in the South), Gone With the Wind is almost part of my DNA…so I hope y’all love Scarlet as much as I do 🙂

  15. Jennifer:
    I stayed in all day reading Gone with the Wind, I’m almost at where I should be at the end of Week 1. I enjoy reading it a lot, especially the part when Scarlett is confronting Ashley.

    • Where Scarlett is confronting Ashely. Is that when Scarlett meets Ashley, it after the war and Scarlett asks for Ashley to take her away. Now, he is married and Scarlett says we have nothing to lose and he answers “Nothing but Honor.” To leave his loving wife would be a tragedy. It on page Chapter 31, Chapter 5. In other words once married you do not run away or divorce. It take a man with honor to stay at home and work things out.

  16. claire:
    I have not watched the film nor have I known much about the story. This will be a pure literary experience for me. 🙂

  17. Biblibio:
    I’ve read over 150 pages today (the first day) alone! I think I’ll have to slow down so that everyone is on equal footing. 🙂

  18. Isabel:
    Leave me a comment and see where you’re at. I would love to hear your thoughts. Didn’t you mention you’ve seen the films like 20 times? 🙂

  19. Sandy:
    I’m off to working on my first interlude post with thoughts and comments after reading about 150 pages today! It’s a great book, full of action and cliffhanger. 🙂

  20. Jessica James:
    Apropos of reading Gone with the Wind, your book also piques my interest. 🙂

  21. farmlanebooks:
    Ah, we’re on the same footing in terms of a lack of prerequisite. My experience with GWTW will be untainted by the movie and is purely literary. I look forward to reading your thoughts. 🙂

  22. Staci:
    I’ve read 150 pages today! 🙂

  23. Michele @ Reader’s Respite:
    I’ll check out Lonsesome Dove. thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  24. Priscilla:
    I stopped at where Mitchell describe the founding of what has become Atlanta today. It was amazing how it used to be a small town where the railroads crisscrossed. It was known as Terminus. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. 🙂

  25. tuesday:
    I’ve had a very productive beginning today with 155 pages. I suppose I’ll slow down because I’m returning to my work week in which students will turn in their papers. I’ll try to keep on a steady pace and write a couple interlude post with thoughts.

  26. Valerie:
    Thank you for joining me. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. Like you, I do not like reading tiny paperbacks, so I bought the Scribner trade paperback. It’s a bit heavy but I like the relatively large print and that I can spread out the book flat easily.

  27. Melody:
    No problem. I’ll be reading a few other books along with GWTW. Like you, I have my eyes on The Piano Teacher, which I plan to take it with me to Hawaii for spring break. 🙂

  28. Becca:
    Scarlett is certainly different. She’s acting in defiance of what her mother and nanny want her to be. I love it when she refuses to stuff up before going to the party!

  29. Like you and farmlane, I have not seen the movie, so I’ll be “untainted.” But I need to get going if I’m going to stay in pace with you and finish GWTW by my birthday.

  30. I’ve had a decent headstart over the weekend. Thanks to the rain.

  31. I have been in love with this story since I first saw the movie when I was about 14 – I read the book soon after and have seen the movie many, many more times since then! I would love to read along as I have this book down for another challenge.

  32. I’m picking up the old copy to re along with you.

  33. Christina:
    I would love to hear your thoughts on the book. I hope you’ll finish it by your birthday. 🙂

  34. John:
    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. I’ve been reading other books along the way as well.

  35. Karen:
    I’m excited you’re reading it along as well. It seems like many people have read the book during their teens. 🙂

  36. Tina:
    OMG! I’m glad you’re reading along with me, in Hong Kong!

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  39. I have a link that I came across that might interest you. I know that you are doing the reading of Gone With The Wind. I wanted to join i, but you were rocking through it pretty quickly. This has a youtube clip of Hattie McDaniel accepting her Oscar for GWTW.


  40. […] from A Guys Moleskine Notebook is hosting a Gone with the Wind read-along. In theory we are supposed to have finished the book this week, but I am a bit behind. I’ve […]

  41. […] Many thanks to Matthew from A Guys Moleskine Notebook for hosting the Gone with the Wind read-along. […]

  42. […] Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell) – The sweeping story of tangled passions and the rare courage of a group of people in Atlanta during the time of Civil War. Gone with the Wind is for Matt’s read-a-long. […]

  43. […] I’m excited to see where Gone with the Wind is going because, despite knowing the ending, I don’t know how Scarlett gets from this point to Rhett’s famous words at the end of the novel. It’s a beautiful book and I’m very excited to continue on with Matt’s reading plans: […]

  44. […] The end is in sight, and I’m plodding my way towards it as I follow Matt’s reading plans: […]

  45. […] Scarlett’s story until it was spoiled for me. And, as I’m trying to follow along with Matt’s reading plans and finish the book on or by my birthday, here’s the {tentative} schedule for the remainder […]

  46. […] I’m trying to follow along with Matt’s reading plans, and finish the book on or by my birthday, here’s the {tentative} schedule for the remainder […]

  47. […] started part one of Gone with the Wind — if you can call 12 pages a true start — for Matt’s read-a-along. {I’m way behind, by the way.} But I’ve wanted to read the book long before […]

  48. […] any of you read Heart of Darkness? How about Gone with the Wind? Or are you reading-a-along […]

  49. I would love to read Heart of Darkness.

  50. I would like to read Gone With the Wind again. Also I would like to join in the discussion.

  51. Where do I begin?

  52. I watched the film of Gone with the wind and i would like to read Gone with the wind. I like American literature so much. And I would like to read more and more

  53. […] seriously considering joining Matt’s Gone with the Wind read-along — that is, if I can find my copy of the book. I’ve never read the book or seen the […]

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