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One-Book Meme

Allow me to be lazy today, as I’m bathing in Toni Morrison’s silky, smooth prose. I steal this one-book meme from Iliana. Meanwhile I’m penning the second part of my review of Crime and Punishment, which delves in the comic notion that percolates throughout the novel in spite of a dense presence of evil.

  • One book you’re currently reading: Beloved by Toni Morrison
  • One book that changed your life: Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin (I will visit him this month as well.)
  • One book you’d want on a deserted island: Dream of the Red Chamber by Xueqin Cao
  • One book you’ve read more than once: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
  • One book you’ve never been able to finish: Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon (I couldn’t finish his other books as well.)
  • One book that made you laugh: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger (How can I not? See, I don’t read only high-brow literature!)
  • One book that made you cry: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
  • One book you keep rereading: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (Did I just say that again?)
  • One book you’ve been meaning to read: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (It’s gonna be this month!)
  • One book you believe everyone should read: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Grab the nearest book. Open it to page 56. Find the fifth sentence…

  • “Words from his father’s old Sunday sermons drifted through his mind.” from To Catch the Lightning by Alan Cheuse, courtesy of Jessica from The Bluestocking Society.

16 Responses

  1. I’m just finishing up Giovanni’s Room. It’s one of the most riveting and affecting reads I’ve ever experienced. So, I’m looking forward to more of your thoughts on James Baldwin.

  2. You’ve seriously never read The Great Gatsby? Oh, for shame!

  3. Please, please, please read The Great Gatsby! Although its not my favorite Fitzgerald, I really think you’ll like it! And be sure to let me know what you think – I’m a bit of a champion for Fitzgerald!

  4. i never finished V myself. But I actually think that’s okay with Pynchon. Looking forward to hearing about C&P and humor.

    Hope you like Gatsby.

  5. Art of Racing in the Rain is on my list for this year. I really liked the Devil Wears Prada and I agree with you on To Kill a Mockingbird…fantastic book!

  6. I purchased a copy of The Master and Margarita based upon your talk of it and hope to read it this year.

  7. Loved reading your answers Matt. I’ll have to remember Devil Wears Prada next time I’m in the mood for something fun!

  8. Enough about The master and Margarita. LOL Just kidding. I’m glad you’re so passionate about your favorite books. I agree that everyone should read To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s so important to our history.

  9. Greg S:
    I haven’t decided what I want to read of James Baldwin. I’ll have to go browse around the library and the bookstores.

  10. Rebecca:
    I know. But I’ll change that very, very soon. 🙂

  11. Chelsea:
    Okay I’ll do! I also plan to read tender is the Night. 🙂

  12. cbjames:
    I think I need to another space and another time for Pynchon, where I’ll be completely focused. I’ll pick him up again. 🙂

  13. Staci:
    I couldn’t believe I’d have picked up The Devil Wears Prada and read the whole thing! It was a pleasant read.

  14. Greg C:
    My class just delved into the second half of the book. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. 🙂

  15. iliana:
    It’s plain old good fun for an afternoon. You can read it all in one setting. 🙂

  16. John:
    No, John, no. I will never get tired of The Master and Margarita. I read it every year, almost like people reading the same Christmas stories over and over again.

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