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War and Peace Schedule

I have included here the partial syllabus for the summer Russian novel class. We’re to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace for the first 5 weeks of the course. It would be fun if some of you bloggers can join us.

*All readings are to be completed by the day assigned. Pages are based on the Penguin Classics edition. If you’re reading another editions, read in accord to the book assigned.

Week 1
Monday, May 19 Introduction to the Course: Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Bulgakov

Tuesday, May 20 Mini-Lecture: Russian Literature before Tolstoy

Wednesday, May 21 Reading: War and Peace, Book 1, pp. 3-114.
Mini-Lecture: The Napoleonic Wars on the Eastern Front

Thursday, May 22 Reading: War and Peace, Book 2, pp. 117-213.
Mini-Lecture: The Russian Gentry at its Apex

Week 2
Monday, May 26 Memorial Day Holiday – No Class

Tuesday, May 27 Reading: War and Peace, Book 3 & 4, pp. 217-373.

Wednesday, May 28 Mini-Lecture: Tolstoy’s Discourse Style

Thursday, May 29 Reading: War and Peace, Book 5, pp. 377-453.

Week 3
Monday, June 2 Reading: War and Peace, Book 6, pp. 457-534 & pp. 1395-1415.
Mini-Lecture: Structural Features of War and Peace

Tuesday, June 3 Reading: War and Peace, Book 7, pp. 537-588

Wednesday, June 4 Mini-Lecture: Masters and Peasants
*In-class writing assignment. Discussion of Paper #1 topics.

Thursday, June 5 Reading: War and Peace, Book 8, pp. 591-664

Week 4
Monday, June 9 Reading: War and Peace, Book 9, p. 667-757
*Proposal for Paper #1 Due

Tuesday, June 10 Reading: War and Peace, Book 10, 761-914
Mini-Lecture: Men and Women in War and Peace

Wednesday, June 11 Reading: War and Peace, Book 11, pp. 917-1034.

Thursday, June 12 Reading: War and Peace, Book 12 & 13, pp. 1037-1141.

Week 5
Monday, June 16 Reading: War and Peace, Books 14 & 15, pp. 1145-1250.

Tuesday, June 17 Reading: War and Peace, Epilogues 1 & 2, pp. 1253-1351.
Mini-Lecture: Freedom or Determinism?

13 Responses

  1. I’m tempted to do this! We’ll see if I can avoid buying the book at the bookstore today. Evil tempter! It is nice of the professor to only make you read the one book. My brother just finished a Russian lit class where they read one of everything.

  2. I’m tempted to try this too! Sounds like a good way to spend the summer, if you ask me!

  3. Actually I’m making them read three books, War and Peace being the first and the most dread-looking. Debating if I should give a pop reading quiz next Tuesday after the long weekend. Fair?

  4. I assume that the kids don’t have jobs and they can read about 100 pages/day.

    Give them a pop quizzes on Thursdays or Mondays but don’t let them know which ones count.

    Make the questions obscure.

    It will motivate them to read the book.

    I like the lecture in-between the readings.

  5. Jessica:
    It’s nice mini challenge for the summer. I pick W&P because normally professors avoid this chunkster which take up too much time over the regular semester. 🙂

    gentle reader:
    It sure is! Plus it satisfies both the Chunkster Challenge and Reading Reading Challenge. 🙂

  6. Isabel:
    Some of them might have PT jobs, but most of them take just one course over summer so they can devote their time to the books. Quiz on Thursday and next Tuesday. 🙂

  7. I’m quite tempted by this. I’ve read it twice before and I dip into it from time to time; I have favorite portions I like to re-read. I have a new translation, which, so far seems fairly good, better than some other efforts by thise team. Your mini-lectures seem very interesting and will probably be helpful to your students. If you are inclined to post some helpful words on line, I’ll certainly be interested.

  8. What a nice challenge! If only I had as much time as your students – I’d have to start tonight on the first 100 pages! Well, I’ll try and dip in here and there as you as you don’t check! (I have read it before anyway but want to reread for the Russian challenge, some time this year). Keep us up to date on your mini lectures, that would be good 🙂

  9. […] there was Matt suggesting we all read some 100 pages a day from War and Peace…. I have not even found the […]

  10. Greg S:
    Thanks Greg. I’ll upload summaries of the mini-lectures. The class is taking the book very well, and they are eager and enthusiastic in discussion.

  11. seachanges:
    The 100 pages are merely to gauge their progress since we have class 4 days a week, I have to make sure they are scrupulous in the reading. But if you average about 50-60 pages a day, you’ll be able to finish it on schedule. 🙂

  12. Thanks everyone for giving this challenge a mention! 🙂

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