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Taking All of You Shopping


The list of titles I’ve collected off many of your blogs have outgrown the two pages of my pocket-sized notebook. Almost all the books I bought are recommendations from bloggers. I really feel like going shopping and bookstore scouring with you guys.

After The Go Between, I’m as intrigued by Hartley as I am with the NYRB Classics series. From this series, I picked up literature in translation:

Love in a Fallen City, Eileen Chang. A full collection of Chang’s novellas in English. I would like to read the original text in Chinese if I can read Chinese faster!
Chess Story, Stefan Zweig. I think Danielle first mentioned this psychological thriller. A very nice book to carry with me to Asia actually.
The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By, Georges Simenon. How different are the cautious routines of ordinary life from the compulsions of a killer? Another great novel to keep me occupied during the flight.
Envy, Yuri Olesha. Another addition to Russian Reading Challenge.

Some of you mention these titles over and over again.

The Maytrees, Annie Dillard. I remember Gentle Reader might have read it. Iliana also mentioned the book.
Away, Amy Bloom. Recommended by Bookpuddle and Iliana.
Ghost, Alan Lightman.
The Journal of Dora Damage, Belinda Starling. This book about the bookbinder in 18th century London intrigues me. How can a book lover miss a book on this subject?
Slammerkin, Emma Donoghue. Again Bookpuddle sent me a personal e-mail and recommended this author to me.
Not Yet Drown’d, Peg Kingman. A woman received a package from her twin brother who had been drowned the previous year in India. The items in the package provide clue to this mystery.

14 Responses

  1. If I am ever on your side of the country, let’s have some coffee and then go shopping!!!

  2. I see one title you didn’t mention here… Warlock. I just finished it and really enjoyed it, it’s a western but I think it would appeal to people who aren’t necessarily fans of westerns, because I don’t really consider myself one!

  3. No kidding, I second what Isabel said. I want to go book shopping with you 🙂
    By the way, I have read Slammerkin and loved it. I’m on a bit of a book hunt myself this weekend. The Journal of Dora Damage is one on my list too.

  4. Speaking of shopping with Matt, I went to the bookstore today. Like so many others in the Pierian Sodality Moleskinensis, I’ve sprung for The Master and Margarita. I cracked it today and was reluctant to stop for dinner when Tom called up. So far, I love the style. It promises to be very tasty reading. With luck, I’ll get through the first reading without getting too flummoxed. I’m hoping to get in some more this evening before I toddle off to bed. I also ordered The Go Between. So that’s my little shopping report.

    Regards, Greg

  5. I like your NYRB choices. I think they are having a sale to celebrate the publication of the 100th title. Check it out!

    I heard good reviews about Slammerkin, will surely check it out.

  6. Like yours, my list seems to grow and grow and I have now put up a separate page on my blog, under ‘Work room’ where I will try and keep a check on all the books recommended and acquired for future reading. The Russian Reader Challenge has its own page… I will need to take time off work for a year 🙂

  7. Once a year I try to buy a novel I know absolutely nothing about. No NPR, no NYT, no blog, no friend, no TV show, no recommend from anywhere. I get frustrated with the publishing industry and the way it treats midlist and new writers…and it’s a challenge to choose a book cold. In fact, I try to avoid the displays and tables because those books are often there because of paid deals between publishers and bookstores (chains anyway). Go to the shelves and spend time finding something truly new.

    Just a thought.

  8. I did read The Maytrees, and realy enjoyed it. I find so many good recommendations on blogs. Thanks for the list, of course it’s making my list longer!

  9. Isabel:
    What’s stopping you then, come visit San Francisco! You’ll love the indie bookstores here!

    Ah…I checked out Warlock at the bookstore. You’re right, I think this will be my first, ever, book on Western theme! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  10. Iliana:
    I’ve got The Journal of Dora Damage lined up for Asia, thinking it will keep me occupied for quite a long while. Like I said to Isabel, you’ll love the indie bookstores here in SF. Remember to bring empty bags and leave lots of room in your suitcase! 🙂

    I’m sorry I haven’t got to return your e-mails, I’ll get to them soon. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed The Master and Margarita, it’s quite a page-turner, although I find myself slowing down to explore the religious theme, the division between good and evil.

  11. John:
    I found the website and ordered a few more NYRB titles at discounted prices. Thanks for telling me about the sale. Slammerkin will also be vacation read. 🙂

    I know. I’ve been pondering at my reading plan for 2008, of which the Russian Reading Challenge will play a significant role. I’m naming some epic classics, huge volumes like Dream of Red Chamber, The Genji Tale, and Middlemarch.

  12. mapelba:
    Hmm…a good point. I normally don’t pay attention to bestsellers nor the books on the book tables, unless the book I’m looking for happens to be on the display. I agree with you about the shady deals between bookstores and publishers. As to the cold buy, I get a few from time to time. This is the joy of browsing the bookstore and picking up something I find engrossing. 🙂

    Gentle Reader:
    I’ll start Maytrees soon and thank you for the review. 🙂

  13. I love those NYRB classics, too. I absolutely want to read both the Go Between and the Zweig book–Beware of Pity before the end of the year! Must get back to the Kingman book, too…

  14. I can recommend Dora Damage, but then again I’m biased; I’m the author’s brother. It’s my sister’s first novel, and tragically her last too; she died last year at the age of 34. The novel has received excellent reviews, and deservedly so; it’s a fantastic book, beautifully written and totally absorbing. I hope you enjoy it.

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