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Renewing a Connection

A week has gone by since marathoned fireworks ricocheted the nightly sky across the globe as we made into the embrace of 2007. Even with such a loud and brilliant reminder of the new year I have yet to shed the habit of writing that “06” on all my date entries. I’m afraid the couple cheques I wrote might bounce. *sigh*

I’m glad the holidays are over with. Not that I didn’t enjoy company of family and friends. I think the whole meaning and reason for celebrating Christmas, if not forfeited, has changed that very little of the peaceful spirit and religious gravitas have remained. Gone are the Christmas carols and vigil-like quietude which are replaced by mindless shopping, debaucherous drinking, and rowdy violence. So to make a long story short and spare you my pet peevish harangue, I welcome the return of routine, the restoration of personal boundary, the dislodging of tawdry decorations all over the city, and the ability to walk around Union Square streets without being stepped on and pushed around.

My friend Kvin came to visit from Los Angeles for a few days and all we did was something that contradicts what I just said: Shopping. We ravenously scoured the shops at Gilroy outlet, restlessly rummaging through the racks, dashing in and out of fitting rooms with loads of clothing as if there’s no tomorrow. Shopping was fun but it was great to see Kvin with whom I recently re-connected at a mutual friend’s wedding after all the years.

We met in church at Cal during our undergraduate days. It was a church in which people were more out of duty, obligation, and fear of being labelled divisive to be friends with one another. On the account that we were only stuck together as a group, we weren’t really the best of friends. So morbid and cunning was the way the church (I came to realize it was more the leaders) exercised a stronghold on its members that Kvin and I made our exit and lost contact.

Anyway it’s really good to renew our friendship. I’m without a tinge of doubt that friendship will grow and last in spite of distance and periods of dormancy if you set your heart to cultivate, to care, to prune, and to nudge. It’s amazing how I’ve got to know Kvin better and saw our friendship with a new light in just a matter of days.

What lost connection do you wish to re-establish this year?

8 Responses

  1. I’m happy you guys reconnected. I’m also in agreement that it feels good to be back into the normal swing of things.

  2. That’s awesome!

    I’d like to see my friend, Milly, who seems to have all but vanished.

  3. I’m still writing 06 as well. 🙂

  4. Love the new digs Matt! Welcome to WordPress. I see no desire to renew old friendships unless they come around. I have no intention of searching for them as I am too busy making new friends, friends I relish.

  5. PS…I have you as a new link on my Blog with wordpress.

  6. Tony: Sometimes people don’t keep in contact because they don’t want to be contacted. True, you can only take it for the moment. I’m happy after all the years of a void I see my friend again by chance.

  7. For me, I’m thinking that I want to write again, and I will. Soon enough.

    I like the new dig Matt! Very crisp!

  8. As the holidays approached this year, I decided they were not going to fly by without some attention and appreciation on my part, so I made a point to take time out bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, send Christmas cards, and even shop with my full attention. It was so warm here in December that I walked around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights while thinking about the meaning of the season, and how it’s celebrated by many different faiths. December nights are the most peaceful and silent nights that I know.

    As far as friends go, I touched base with an old roommate back in Texas. It was kismet really, but we managed to see each other for half an hour. To me, a great friendship is one where no matter how long you’ve been out of contact, it feels like you’ve never been out of touch when you’re together.

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