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Burning Man

This guy Mark came into my friend Estrella’s studio at Saffron Rare Threads to custom-make a reversible velvet-nylon cape for Burning Man week. I have heard people mentioning the term in passing on numerous occasions but not until Mark spends $300 on a cape for this event do I get on my mutter to find out what the hell Burning Man is all about.

So according to the official website, Burning Man is “an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance.” Participants at Burning Man must bring all necessities to the desert: food, shelter, water, fuel, and basic first aid supplies. And ha! This is a no dog event so don’t expect you will be admitted at the gate with your puppy. This is the funniest part: the potty. As the event takes place in the middle of nowhere, portable potties are provided. These facilities are only for their intended purpose – not for dumping garbage or personal potty bags. Participants should only put human waste and one-ply toilet paper (they say 2-ply is a big no-no lol) into the portable toilets makes pumping nearly impossible and threatens the survival of the Burning Man event. This includes tampons, trash, and handy wipes. That also means no tampons, trash or handy wipes in the portable toilets. Okay everybody, put the lid down when you’re done, it helps keep odors under control.

Burning Man is much more than just a temporary community. It’s a city in the desert, dedicated to radical self reliance, radical self-expression and art. Innovative sculpture, installations, performance, theme camps, art cars and costumes all flower from the playa and spread to our communities during the event. Sounds like fun eh? But I would choose to express myself in a different way, at least not in a desert with only portable pottie! If you’re interested, gates are open now until 11 am on August 31. It locates in Black Rock City, 120 miles north of Reno, NV.

4 Responses

  1. Oh but don’t forget the sex, drugs and, well, more sex… oh and the Billion Bunny March event thingy. Anyway, a friend of mine went a couple times before, he said at one time there was this guy there walking day and night, buck naked with a stiffy… going from tent to tent having sex, and people would follow him ’til he’s all ready again! Ooh, good ol’ family fun time!

    Yeah, not for everyone that’s for sure. I’d rather spend my time, uh, doing something else.

    Happy Monday Matt!

  2. My wife sent this to me today, and I’m very sorry to say that the more emotionally intelligent gender of us humans (maybe the more intelligent in general ) is seriously at odds with my way of seeing the world after work: if I come home and my kid manages to lower his voice by just 1/5 that would matter more than the below. Glad to have joined the forum, guess this is off topic.

    “We all want our homes to reward us that calming effect after a busy day. One of the ways to attain calming interiors is by selecting relaxing colors and muted lighting. White or light colors have a calming effect to the eyes and senses. However, overdoing the white walls might just create a too-sterilized ambiance. To keep away from being too boring, use highlights like gold or yellow here and there. For your lighting, dimmer lights and soft glows will not only calm your tired nerves but create drama in your interiors.
    The placement of candles near mirrors, for instance, would replicate the soft glow and add to that romantic sensation.”

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